Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Show of 2007

Now that I have participated in my last show of the year I would like to thank everyone who has either made a purchase or felt compelled to stop and take a look and possibly engage me in conversation. Although I hope that every "looker" results in a sale I realize that the purchase of a print must be made on your terms, to fill a need of yours and possibly to fill a space on your wall. If you don't think one of my prints will work for you then I am still glad that you took the time to flip through them anyway.

And it's the conversations and exchange of anecdotes that I enjoy very much. I meet a lot of people who have a connection to either the subject or location of one or more of my prints. (That is an advantage of selling locally.) I gain a greater appreciation for my own work when I learn more about the places that I have photographed. So again, even if a purchase is not made, I feel like I have gained something from the interchange.

If you are interested in making a purchase for the holidays, as a gift or for yourself, you can either go through my main website or you can visit the following store: The Unique Boutique in Yardley, Pa. The store has a large selection of unframed prints, and a small number of framed prints.