Sunday, December 16, 2007

From Then to Now

Below is a new image I made this weekend. When I go into Philadelphia for a shoot I have to think a little differently than when I shoot nature and scenics. In a city I am looking for compositions that include the architecture (almost impossible not to) but yet either tell a story or create a mood. This often involves making the image B&W, including people, or other techniques.

In this image I see something a little deeper than my usual compositions. As my son and I were standing near the Liberty Bell, trying to stay warm, and me realizing that the day's light was quickly waning I saw a few people make their way past the softly lit historical icon. I liked the way the bell was lit, and I also saw the potential for the effect of motion of the people near the bell.

A day later I see much more than just the bell. I see the old bell in a modern glass building. Above the bell I see the mid-section of very modern office building. Above that is the reflection of Independence Hall, clearly a piece (and place) of American history. (Also a key element of the movie National Treasure, of which the sequel is released a few days from this writing, and which my family and I greatly enjoy).

And to add to all this is the American flag, in its own little segment of the image.

So this one image encompasses historical American elements and modern-day architecture, all interacting.