Saturday, November 22, 2008

Indoor vs. Outdoor

I just completed my last show of the year, and surprisingly the faltering economy has not really hurt my business too much. I'm glad that people are making a strong enough connection to my work that they are willing to spend their hard-earned money to take the prints home.

There are a number of differences between indoor and outdoor shows. The advantages of the outdoor are pretty obvious. Potentially larger crowds, and bigger and roomier space to display more of the artists' work. This should typically result in bigger sales.

But in some ways I'm starting to grow fond of indoor shows. One major advantage is the weather factor, or non-weather factor. Not getting rained on or getting your tent blown away is a fantastic feeling.

Another advantage is that it is more a more intimate setting. Well, let's say "personal" setting. In a large tent a person could walk in, browse for a couple minutes, and leave without saying nary a word if they keep their distance from me. But at an indoor show I greet visitors very quickly, since I am typically standing or sitting just a few feet away. This often quickly leads to conversation, which helps to put the visitor at ease.

I thoroughly enjoyed my last two shows, both indoors, and I look forward to more int he future.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Churchville Nature Center Growing

I've just learned that one of my local photography haunts, Churchville Nature Center, will be expanding soon. A large chunk of adjacent land has been donated to them, and their visitor center is also going to be expanded.

Read about it below at

Churchville Nature Center Growing

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy Show

My show last weekend was well attended. The crowds at Charles Boehm Middle School were pretty steady all day, right up until the closing minute. Thanks to all who stopped by for a chat or a purchase.

I think my set-up has greatly improved over the years. The frames I am using now do a better job of enhancing my work, and I was able to utilize the full space effectively with the addition of a new print rack. I have been using lights since I began the indoor shows, and they are almost a requirement for selling photography.

Below are some shots of my setup. My next and last show for the year is at Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster, Pa. That will be Nov 21 (evening) and Nov 22.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coming to a Close

Fall colors are dwindling away. Bright colorful leaves are starting to morph into brown, at least those that haven't fallen to the ground yet.

Also, my show season is almost at an end. Just 2 more shows. Next weekend in Yardley at the Charles Boehm Middle School, and two weeks after at Archbishop Wood High School. I have a bunch of images from the season that I will be working onto the website and into my inventory.

Below is a recent image taken during a fantastic morning near Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County. Shooting nearly directly into the sun through the fog creates an image with little color variance, but creates a wonderful mood with the silhouettes of the horse and pony.