Monday, July 16, 2012

Seven Years Ago

I participated in the Tinicum Arts Festival this past weekend, which is located in upper Bucks County, Pa.  I had a really good show, met a lot of interesting people, sweated a lot, and got rained on a bit. This show is in a nice, shady location, with very good access for vehicles - a plus for any show. 

The last time I did this show was seven years ago, and you might be surprised that my sales were much, much less - in fact they were zero.  Yes, that's "0" sales for a 2-day show.  After only one year of trying to sell my fine art photography I was ready to give it all up after this show as you can probably understand.  In my 8 years of doing shows I have never had another zero-sale show - so this was really a hard thing to take.

Fortunately my next show turned out much better, and I then committed to keep it going as long as I could.  And now in 2012, although I've backed off a bit from the time-consuming shows, I feel much better about where I stand with my photography and where I'm going. 

The image below is one of my oldest images that continues to garner a lot of interest, for obvious reasons. I receive many questions like "Did you Photoshop this?", "Did you wait a long time for this?", etc.  It's a little embarrassing to explain that I was simply out driving one morning and found this scene, exactly as you see it.  This is private commercial property so I was technically trespassing, but I don't think it was a big deal.  There was a small patch of fog that didn't extend too far back, so the full sun was blasting through the mesh of leaves creating this spectacular effect. It is one type of scene that I search for regularly but will rarely (if ever) see again.

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