Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Princeton

We had a fabulous time in Princeton yesterday during the Communiversity event. This show drew throngs of people who took advantage of the great weather to partake of the food and drink and the many events for the kids. Below is a shot after I had set-up but before the people arrived.

I also wanted to post a photo I shot recently. As you know I try to look for unique perspectives on the subjects I shoot. Azalea bushes are very common, and their flowers don't really have distinctive features. But I really liked the way these flowers hung over this park bench. I used my macro lens to shorten the depth of field and provide some selective focus.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

There is a progression to spring, at least in the Northeast U.S. The very first sign of spring is the appearance of the crocuses. Then come the daffodils and other bulb-based perennials. Next come the flowering trees, including the yellow forsythia, followed by the emergence of leaves on the smaller trees. Later in spring comes the more hardier flowering plants, such as the rhododendron and the day-lilies. Then finally the wildflowers and the leaf-growth on the larger trees. I may not have the order perfect, but it's pretty close.

Due to the recent warm weather we've had I think the progression is moving pretty quickly. I am not able to get out to photograph as often as I used to, due to slight changes in work and family schedules. But this is a season where you can't procrastinate, since in a day or two the flowers on the plants or trees you've been wanting to photograph may be gone. (Summer is a different story - the same conditions can last for weeks).

Below is a beautiful pond scene near New Hope, Pa. I was hoping to find a nesting pair of swans here but they were absent this day. I don't know the habits of these birds, so I don't know if they've moved to another location or are simply migrating.

Main Website: Photography by Matt Schrier

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Central Park

On a day-trip to NYC in January I was looking for unique images. If you've been to this iconic city you'll probably have seen the dozens of street vendors hawking photos of the city. These are not artists - most vendors are selling the EXACT SAME PHOTOS. I have no idea if these images are properly licensed for sale, but regardless I was looking for my own perspective, not some image I've seen a thousand times.

Walking through Central Park I was amazed by the trees along this main walkway called The Mall. The silhouette of the long, bare branches provided interesting scale compared with the crowd below.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Round of 2010 Shows

I start with my shows in about 3 weeks. My first is in Princeton NJ on April 24, and after a vacant May I have Peddler's Village June 5-6, followed by Newtown Welcome Day on June 13.

Spring is upon us, and I found this flowering tree at a local arboretum. One thing I like about it is the splash of background color.