Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Below is another bird photo from my recent shoot at Churchville Nature Center.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Lace

This winter is completely different than last winter. We have had little snowfall, and the temperatures have been above freezing for most of the time. So when we had a bit of snow last weekend I was eager to get out and photograph. But I had a time constraint where I literally only had about 30 minutes of good morning light to catch the snow before it would melt and/or fall off the trees within hours. So I did not expect to find a "keeper" in this short time span, but I tried.

This scene was found at Tyler Park. Normally (i.e. without snow) I would look at this scene and say "What a mess". But with snow it takes on a completely different feel. What I like about this image is the "busy" nature of the trees and branches, pointing in all directions, contrasting with the calmness of the fallen snow and soft morning light. Do you get the same impression?

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