Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Springier

It's still cold here in the Northeast, even a week into Spring. But there are signs everywhere - Spring is here and its busting out. I stopped by the local nature center on the way to work recently and the bird activity was tremendous.

Here's a nice shot of a female cardinal among the pussy willows.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Spring

As I've said before I've found winter to be difficult photographically. I'm glad to have spring upon us.

I've decided to purchase a bird feeder for our yard. I enjoy photographing birds, and I thought it would give me a lot more opportunities if I could set up my equipment in my backyard instead of driving to parks and nature centers.

Near the feeder I have set-up a larch branch that has fallen in the trees behind our house. This will serve as a natural-looking perch on which to photographs the birds.

Here is one the early visitors. He and his friends sometimes like to take a big seed and fly away quickly, but other times they stick around for a while. I was surprised to find that the birds have taken to this feeder so quickly. I'm sure I'll have many nice new birds images this year.